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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

With winter practically upon us, I find myself craving a warm drink, and hot chocolate is usually the first thing that comes to mind! Of course, the *same old way* of preparing hot cocoa is perfectly fine and gets the job done, but sometimes, I want to indulge, you know? Here are my top five favorite ways to jazz up your next cup of cocoa!

 1// Use *real* milk chocolate. In no way am I shaming the beloved Swiss Miss packets that everyone knows and loves. You know, they've actually stepped up their game and now, make flavored hot chocolate. And, aren't those tiny, dehydrated marshmallows absolutely delicious, once they soften?!! Plus, yay that they're super easy and convenient! Once in a while though, its nice to go all out, even if just for a cup of cocoa! My suggestion: Use *real* milk chocolate. Sure, you'll have to boil your milk and patiently stir in your chocolate in, but trust me, it'll be worth it!

2// Or, change up your chocolate completely! Yes! Why not swap out regular milk chocolate for dark chocolate, white chocolate or even sea salt caramel?! You totally could do that!

3// Mix in cinnamon. I love cinnamon; something about it is just so cozy and comforting! You can add a dash (or two) of cinnamon in your hot cocoa to fancy-fy it a little bit!

4// Top with colored marshmallows. Okay, so I thought of this before I was certain that colored marshmallows were even a thing! Thankfully, they are and even though they don't really alter the taste of the hot echolocate, they're still pretty to look at! And picture how pretty your white hot chocolate would look with pastel colors running though it! Yes, please! 

5// NUTELLA. Yes, I went there! I love to add a heaping spoonful of Nutella to my hot chocolate and ladies (and gents?), it is DELICIOUS!
Do you like to jazz up your hot chocolate in any way? What is your favorite winter drink? Starbucks recommendations???
Kianna Rose