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Saturday, February 27, 2016

If we're being real, we'll all admit that we put our skin, in particularly, our faces, through a lot! Oh! Let me count the ways! Everything from putting dirty iPhone screens to our ears or pimple-popping (yes, I went there!), there is more than enough reason to cleanse, exfoliate and all that good stuff to help clear our skin.
In my experience and through much trial and error, I've finally discovered that not all face washes are the same! Some cleansers strip the skin or irritate it beyond belief, but over the years, I've found a few cleansers that I love to keep on hand. Here are my top three face washes and cleansers. 
YES TO BLUEBERRIES Smoothing Daily Cleanser
This cleanser is absolutely luscious! When applied to the skin, it is a milky consistency and when I rinse it off, my skin feels super soft and moisturized. It doesn't smell like blueberries or like anything sweet for that matter but the smell is pleasant. Though I haven't noticed it clear up my skin, it does amazing job of brightening and hydrating!

GARNIER® CLEAN+ Blackhead Eliminating Scrub For Oily Skin
MY ALL TIME FAVORITE!!! I love the little beads that exfoliate and the formulation has proven to really clear up my skin. I've noticed that my skin is much brighter and incredibly fresh after every use.

WARNING: This cleanser is strong and really good at what it's supposed to do: cleanse! I did notice that after about a week of using it, the skin around my eyelids started peeling. Even with my sensitive skin, I was able to combat the dryness with moisturizing after every use. My skin is used to it and doesn't dry out anymore.

This cleanser boasts some pretty serious claims! When I received mine in the mail, I read about it's cruelty-free formula that excludes ingredients like alcohol, parabens and sulfates, making it super safe for all skin types. Instead of all of those chemicals, this cleanser is made with rose hip oil, rich ocean minerals & vitamin e that are supposed to make your skin glow!

I've been using this cleanser for a while now and honestly notice a bit if vibrancy and glow to my skin after I use it! Even though it says it doesn't have any harsh chemicals, I find that it does smell a little synthetic... Maybe it's the oils or the vitamins in it?

What are your favorite cleansers? Do you have an established skin care routine? I'd love to hear about it!

Kianna Rose


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Do you remember this post, where I shared five of my favorite ways to jazz up the average cup of hot cocoa? Well, with winter upon us and the weather growing colder every day (or so it seems!), I've found myself drinking lots of hot chocolate lately.

More hot chocolate + same old recipes = five MORE ways to jazz up you hot chocolate
1// Add coffee! My friend Bethany put me up on adding a packet of hot chocolate power to my cup of coffee. This is a great way to add a bit more jazz to your drink and make it extra decadent! Yay for indulging!

2// Add coffee creamer. A few weeks ago I saw making a cup of coffee and the thought popped into my mind, "Why not add a fancy flavored creamer to my got chocolate?!" We had some dulce de leche creamer on hand and a few splashes of it in my cocoa was perfect!!! Or you can stir in some evaporated milk or a spoonful of condensed milk.

3// Use a different kind of milk. I know that hot chocolate is usually made with whole cow's milk, but why not switch up the milk for once? My favorite is almond, but I'm sure you could also use coconut milk! Let me know how that tastes! 

4// Make it winter-ish. Since hot chocolate is typically a winter drink, why not make your next cup extra festive with whipped cream and crushed peppermint candy canes. Plus, this looks really pretty! 

5// Put together a hot chocolate bar! If you're someone who likes to throw parties (or you like going to parties!) I'd suggest a hot chocolate bar! You can lay out a bunch of fun toppings like M&Ms and caramel syrup. You can add anything that would transform your otherwise plain jane hot cocoa fab into something super decadent! 

Did you try any of the ideas I posted last time? Do you have any suggestions on how to jazz up my next cup of cocoa? If you don't drink hot chocolate, what hot beverage do you enjoy? Tea or coffee? 
Kianna Rose