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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Hello! Hello! I know what you're thinking: "You're not keeping up with your blog!" And to be completely honest, I agree! Going to school and having lots of homework (huge shock to a former homeschooler!) takes up the better potion of my day. I head out pretty early every morning and get home past dinner time, only to scarf down my dinner and start on homework. It's a never ending cycle, but it's one that I'm getting used to and learning to control!
*UPDATES*My first and second mid-terms were a success, glory to God! Let's hope I keep those grades up! Oh, and I have my first final and last day of one class on Tuesday! #GoodbyeInfoToLit! I've made some friends, gotten the hang of going from class to class and now know that for math homework, you HAVE to show your work... I learned that lesson the hard way...

To catch you all up to speed on what's going on, here's a few snaps from my Instagram account:
1// first day. first semester. let's do this.
2// chai tea in fancy glass mugs: because 3 page papers are no joke.  
3// today i got my college i.d.!!! it's feels *so* official now... as if the three page paper and a ton of world civ homework wasn't enough to give me that feeling. 
4// it's already scarf season! 
5// the Bailey Library is #LibraryGoals  today's class at the Rockland campus was amazing! meeting other students with an incredible love for God, learning of our school's heritage, and a soccer game (home team won!) made the 8 hours such a pleasure! 
6// goodbye Nyack College's Rockland campus. see you later.
7// getting stuff done || and if you read "a good man is hard to find", i'd love to hear your thoughts on it! 
8// when college math 101 goes beyond p.e.m.d.a.s. and prime factorization. and yes, i think in pink 
Kianna Rose
p.s. I know this post is pretty short, but it had to be! I'm supposed to be working on homework for my Nyack Heritage class  right now so... you know... 


  1. I completely agree with you, Kianna! School can become an endless cycle, but we just have to look at the positive aspects of each day. I'm loving all of your college posts! You make college look fabulous ;)

    ❤ Blaze Ann

    1. Thank you for stopping by Blaze Ann! I'm glad that you are enjoying my college posts! Its definitely been an adventure but well-worth every late night, early morning and homework assignment!

      And I'll let you in on a little secret: I have a college vlog coming to the blog *very soon* :)

    2. Did I hear vlog????!!! Can't wait! <3

  2. I agree with Blaze Ann! You make college look good, almost makes me want to go (but then I remember high school and I change my mind ;)

    1. Ha! I was homeschooled for high school and so college has been a bit of a shocker to me too, but I'm really loving the experience! So glad that you stopped by, Rosi :)

  3. Cool college post! It makes me miss college so much >_< Glad everything seems to be going well!

    Jasmine | The Sixth Disney Princess

  4. Glad you are doing well with your school work, even if there is a lot of homework involved!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  5. I completely feel you on how college is different than homeschooling, yet its really a new normal. I have yet to make time to read a bunch of blog posts, though, and that it why I'm commenting so late! But I am so excited for you!