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Friday, June 17, 2016

Since moving to Harlem, I've found a ton of really great coffeeshops, cafes and restaurants that I absolutely love and can't stop talking about. I had never considered myself a foodie, but something about Harlem's vibe and culture has really tapped into the inner foodie within me. With it being summer vacation, I've had a ton of extra time on my hands to explore the neighborhood and discover a few really awesome places. Here's a list of my top three favorite cafes so far:

Love Café - 283 Pleasant Avenue
Love Café is a really cute spot not too far from my house. When I walked inside for the first time, I fell in love with the bold orange on the walls and the hustle and bustle of the place. Being within walking distance with several elementary and high school, Love Café seems to be the hot spot with the local kids and teens. The menu is super cute and is what you would expect from a local café or deli. I ordered a vanilla chai latte with a slice of chocolate cake and it was all so delicious. Because the bar was full, I wandered to the back of the café where little tables were.

Crepe Café - 1642 Lexington Avenue
One word: AMAZING! This cafe was a bit of a walk for me... probably a 30 minute walk in platform  sandals, but it was well worth it once I walked in and ordered. Angel taught me that when going to a new restaurant it's always a good idea to ask the people who work there for their recommendations; naturally, they know what everything on the menu tastes like and have a good idea of what's popular. Just last week, we tried out an Indian restaurant and since we were both unsure of what to order, we asked the waiter and he helped us make a wise deacons. Point of the story: ask the staff for their recommendations! When I got to the cafe, I asked the girl at the front what I should order and she pointed me in the direction of something with chocolate so I ordered the Banana Nutella crepe. It came stuffed with warm, sweet and sticky bananas, and on top was a generous drizzle of nutella and a finishing dusting of powered sugar. To drink, I ordered one of their natural orange juices and sat down to do some work on my laptop. Each bite of my crepe was a heavenly experience, one I'd repeat everyday if calories and carbs didn't exist.

Evelyn's Kitchen -  2317 1st Avenue
Evelyn's Kitchen is a Harlem landmark! I mean, they were even featured in O Magazine! Anything with chocolate is always a good idea, so of course, I was all over the devil dog pudgies. Let me explain what exactly a pudgy is: it's a soft baked cookie that tastes like a delicious blob of cookie dough. I've been to Evelyn's Kitchen three times and each time, I've ordered several sweets (not all for my self of course... ) and it's a spot I'll continue to go often.

What are some of your favorite local spots? Have you ever been to NYC? Tried any of these places?

Also, I need to take more pictures!

xoxo, Kianna Rose

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  1. This is so fun, Kianna! Now I only wish I lived closer so I could mooch about in some of these shops, get some coffee and people watch/read/write. <3 Just one more reason for me to visit NYC right? ;)