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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Happy 4th of August to you! I say this quite often, but I can hardly believe how quickly the months go by! I feel like sometimes, time goes by a little too quickly but this is in part my own fault. You see, I haven't taken time regularly to selah (and for those of you who aren't Hebraic linguists, selah means "to pause and calmly think") Just recently, I've taken to writing, journaling and snapping a lot more pictures. Doing this has helped me to pause and calmly think on the beauty of everyday, ordinary life that is actually, quite extraordinary! Also, having quiet time in the morning, spent reading the Bible and praying really helps me get my head in the game and ready for the day.
This month, I've decided to read one new book and complete as many short, Bible reading plans as I can. They're usually about 3 days long and, for the most part, are just a few paragraphs. These shorter plans are taken right off the YouVersion Bible App that I'm sure your probably already have!

Here are some of my #JesusTime essentials + what I'm reading this month.
{1} Streams in the Desert- I like to begin my morning #JesusTime with this daily devotional. Streams in the Desert is an extremely popular series among believers, so I'm sure that you've either heard of it or even have your own copy! Each devotional begins with a verse and then a passage based upon that verse. Sometimes, they'll jazz it up and include a poem or hymn that also goes along with the theme for that day. This one is a tried and true favorite!!!

{2} ESV Journaling Bible- I bought this Bible with the intention of writing thoughts, prayers and question in the margins. I'll admit, I haven't done so yet, but I do highlight a quite a bit in there as well as add sticky notes to the  pages with the aforementioned thoughts, prayers and questions. If and when I do begin to write in it, I feel confident knowing that there is ample room in the margins for me to write in. Best of all, there are lines! Raise your hand if you write sloppy and/or slanted without lines!

{3} Every Day in His Presence- For my birthday, my grandmother gave me this absolutely exquisite, leather bound copy of one of Dr. Charles Stanley's daily devotionals. I like to read this right after or before the Streams in the Desert one as they're both short. So far, what I've read has challenged me in my walk with God! I've examined my life and found some things that I should both change and implement in my spiritual life.

{4} Wrestling Prayer- This book came as a recommendation from my cousin, Alicia. Eric and Leslie Ludy are new authors for me but I can already tell that I'll enjoy their laid-back yet passionate writing style. Just from the introduction and first chapter that I've read, I'm convicted and inspired to grow in prayer and make it more of a priority! Excited for this one!

{5} Rifle Paper Journal- A journal is definitely an essential; I like to have one with me during my morning time with the Lord. Jotting down the things that have ministered my heart and encouraged me gives me a place to look back to when I need to be reminded of them. I also write down my memorization verses and prayer petitions for others and myself.

Of course, a pen, a highlighter and a mug of chai tea are some of my other essentials. Ooh, and I also keep my phone nearby. And no, it's not to check Instagram! I like to look up other verses as well as tune in my Spotify app to instrumental music.

What are your #JesusTime essentials? Any good books I should look into for next month's read?

Kianna Rose


  1. I have a journaling Bible! I would encourage you to Google 'Bible journaling' and 'illustrated faith' and see the creative things people have done with them. See

  2. I am so glad that you did this post! This is no joke- earlier this week I was thinking of emailing you for your advice on which devotionals to read. This is awesome! :)

    ❤ Blaze Ann

    1. Yay! I'm *so* glad you enjoyed this post then! Oh, and don't hesitate to send an email my way if you have an q's about my devotions, or anything else, for that matter :)

  3. I have always wondered what Selah meant! I always forget to look it up- but now I know what it means. :) The idea of a journaling Bible is really neat.

  4. i do a journalling Bible too, and I'm glad to find some more things to read :)

  5. I am glad you are enjoying Wrestling Prayer. A definite must read!!!

  6. These all look like good books! I need to start reading some more Christian literature, but currently I go the scholarly way and crack open the word, a journal, and a thoughtful mind to see the truths hidden in the words! But I did receive an NIV study Bible for my birthday that I can't wait to explore!