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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

From my first few posts, I'm sure there isn't *too* much you can come to conclusion to about me. You know that I'm eighteen, that pink is my favorite color and that I live in NYC. How about we get to the nitty gritty of who I am... well at least five things that make up who I am!
1// I am a Christian. I received Jesus into my heart and life when I was five years old,  a rough time for me, believe it or not. He has made my life beautiful since then and has changed my heart for the better! I can't even begin (well, I technically can, but that'd take a while:) to tell you of all He's done for me, how much He's shown His love for me and watched over me before and since becoming His child! #TooBlessedToBeStressed!

2// I'm a bit clumsy. In my life time, I've, dropped an iron on my forehead, fallen off my Heely's (did you have those too?!) and as a result, scrapped my elbow, fallen off the bed in my sleep (more than once!), and even got a suction cup stuck on my forehead! I'm know there were other minor injuries along the way but I'm sure you already get the picture :)

3// I'm *really* good a saying tongue twisters. As a child, I always had a knack for saying tongue twisters and because of that (and for a bunch of other reasons), I was the cool kid at school. My classmates would ask me to say the Peter Piper tongue twister and marvel when I had successfully said the whole thing, at lightning speed.

4// Wrinkles are my biggest pet peeve! On clothes, I mean! Ever since I started ironing my own clothes, I've liked them to be as wrinkle-free as they can be. I like my long sleeve shirts to have a sharp crease along the edges and for my skirts to be stick straight, especially if they're midi skirts that flare out. Weird? Maybe... #PressedForSuccess

5// Pasta dishes are my favorite! I know I mentioned this before here and here but it's worth mentioning again. Something about starchy pasta and any variant of white sauce is just so delicious!

What are some things about you not many people know about? Any faves, pet peeves, or theological beliefs? I'm all ears. And I promise: I won't laugh!

Kianna Rose

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  1. Love this post!! Haha that hashtag is wonderful #TooBlessedtoBeStressed. It may just be my favorite hashtag! And mmm I love pasta. I just ate spaghetti for dinner lol. One of my pet peeves is waiting in line for a very long time.

    ❤ Blaze Ann